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pronunciation: datou
kanji characters: ,
translation: appropriateness, propriety
妥当性: datousei <<<
妥当な: datouna: appropriate, proper, reasonable, fit


pronunciation: datou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: overthrow (n.), defeat (n.), overturn (n.)
打倒する: datousuru: overthrow (v.), defeat (v.), overturn (v.), down (v.)


pronunciation: datsumou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: loss of hair, depilation
脱毛する: datsumousuru: lose one's hair, depilate
脱毛剤: datsumouzai: depilatory (n.) <<<
脱毛症: datsumoushou: alopecia <<<
脱毛クリーム: datsumoukuriimu: depilatory cream <<< クリーム


pronunciation: datsuzei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , crime
translation: tax evasion
脱税する: datsuzeisuru: evade [dodge] a tax
脱税者: datsuzeisha: tax evader <<<
脱税品: datsuzeihin: smuggled goods <<<
check also: 密輸


pronunciation: deai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 出会い
keyword: life , computer
translation: encounter (n.)
出会う: deau: encounter (v.), meet (by chance)
出会系: deaikei: encounter site, community site <<<
出会い頭に: deaigashirani: abruptly by approaching <<<


pronunciation: deguchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , transport
translation: exit, outlet, way out
出口の無い: deguchinonai: no way out, no exit, dead-end, hopeless <<<
出口調査: deguchichousa: exit poll <<< 調査
antonyms: 入口


pronunciation: deisui
kanji characters: ,
translation: (dead) drunkenness
泥酔する: deisuisuru: get [be] dead drunk, be boozy
泥酔者: deisuisha: drunkard, drunken person <<<


pronunciation: deki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , farming
translation: result, effect, crop, harvest, yield, make
出来る: dekiru: can, be able to, be capable of, be done, be ready, yield, feasible
出来るだけ: dekirudake: as possible
出来るだけ早く: dekirudakehayaku: as soon [quickly] as possible <<<
出来ない: dekinai: cannot, be unable to
出来が良い: dekigaii: be of good workmanship, cropped well, be of fine make <<<
出来が悪い: kigawarui: be of bad workmanship, cropped bad, be of poor make <<<
出来上がる: dekiagaru: be finished, completed <<<
出来栄え: dekibae: result, performance <<<
出来事: dekigoto: occurrence, event, incident <<<
出来物: dekimono: tumor, sore, abscess <<<
出来心: dekigokoro: sudden impulse <<<
出来高: dekidaka: yield, out put, production, total transaction <<<
不出来: hudeki: bad result, failure <<<
上出来: joudeki: good success <<<
克服出来ない: kokuhukudekinai: unconquerable, invincible <<< 克服
計算出来る: keisandekiru: calculable <<< 計算
変更出来る: henkoudekiru: alterable, changeable <<< 変更
変更出来ない: henkoudekinai: unalterable, unchangeable <<< 変更
回避出来る: kaihidekiru: avoidable <<< 回避
回避出来ない: kaihidekinai: unavoidable <<< 回避
予測出来る: yosokudekiru: predictable <<< 予測
我慢出来る: gamandekiru: bearable, tolerable <<< 我慢
我慢出来ない: gamandekinai: unbearable, intolerable <<< 我慢
修繕出来る: shuuzendekiru: repairable, reparable <<< 修繕
修繕出来ない: shuuzendekinai: irreparable, unmendable <<< 修繕
入手出来る: nyuushudekiru: available <<< 入手
適用出来ない: tekiyoudekinai: inapplicable <<< 適用
応用出来る: ouyoudekiru: practicable, applicable <<< 応用
応用出来ない: ouyoudekinai: impracticable, inapplicable <<< 応用
翻訳出来る: honnyakudekiru: translatable <<< 翻訳
信頼出来る: shinraidekiru: reliable, credible, safe <<< 信頼
比較出来ない: hikakudekinai: There is no comparison between, incomparable <<< 比較
水溜りが出来る: mizutamarigadekiru: A pool forms <<< 水溜り
瘡蓋が出来る: kasabutagadekiru: A scab forms (on) <<< 瘡蓋
今更出来ない: imasaradekinai: It can't be helped now <<< 今更
理解出来る: rikaidekiru: comprehensible <<< 理解
抑制出来ない: yokuseidekinai: uncontrollable, beyond [out of] control <<< 抑制
霜焼が出来る: shimoyakegadekiru: become frostbitten, be affected with chilblains, have chilblains <<< 霜焼
了解出来る: ryoukaidekiru: understandable, comprehensible <<< 了解
利用出来る: riyoudekiru: available <<< 利用
利用出来ない: riyoudekinai: unavailable <<< 利用
用意が出来る: youigadekiru: be ready (for) <<< 用意
等閑に出来ない: naozarinidekinai: serious, grave, demanding immediate [careful] attention <<< 等閑
英語が出来る: eigogadekiru: be good at English, be proficient in English <<< 英語
信用出来る: shinnyoudekiru: reliable, credible <<< 信用
転売出来る: tenbaidekiru: resalable, resaleable <<< 転売
身動き出来ない: miugokidekinai: cannot move [stir] an inch, be packed like sardines <<< 身動き
友達が出来る: tomodachigadekiru: make a friend <<< 友達
check also: 結果


pronunciation: dekiai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: dotage
溺愛する: dekiaisuru: dote upon, love passionately


pronunciation: dekishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: [death by] drowning
溺死する: dekishisuru: be [get] drowned; drown
溺死させる: dekishisaseru: drown sb.
溺死者: dekishisha: drowned person <<<
溺死体: dekishitai: drowned body <<<

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