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pronunciation: doko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: where, which place
何処へ: dokoe: to where
何処に どこに: ,
何処に居ますか: dokoniimasuka: Where are you? <<<
何処から: dokokara: from where
何処からか: dokokaraka: from somewhere
何処から来ましたか: dokokarakimashitaka: Where are you from? <<<
何処から見ても: dokokaramitemo: in all respects, in every respect <<<
何処でも: dokodemo: in any place, wherever, everywhere
何処にも: dokonimo
何処まで: dokomade: how far, where
何処までも: dokomademo: wherever, everywhere
何処と無く: dokotonaku: anyhow, somehow <<<
何処ですか: dokodesuka: Where is it?
駅は何処ですか: ekihadokodesuka: Where is the station? <<<
便所は何処ですか: benjohadokodesuka: Where can I wash my hands? <<< 便所
トイレットは何処ですか: toirettohadokodesuka: Where is the restroom [washroom, toilet]? <<< トイレット
check also: 場所


pronunciation: dokubou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: solitary cell
独房監禁: dokuboukankin: solitary confinement <<< 監禁


pronunciation: dokubutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: poison, toxin
毒物学: dokubutsugaku: toxicology <<<


pronunciation: dokugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: self-education
独学の: dokugakuno: self-taught, self-educated
独学する: dokugakusuru: learn by oneself, teach oneself, study without a teacher
独学者: dokugakusha: self-taught [self-educated] man <<<


pronunciation: dokuja , dokuhebi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: poisonous snake [serpent]


pronunciation: dokuji
kanji characters: ,
translation: originality, individuality, uniqueness
独自性: dokujisei <<<
独自の: dokujino: one's own, original, unique
独自の見解: dokujinokenkai: one's personal views <<< 見解
check also: オリジナル


pronunciation: dokuritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , history
translation: independence, autonomy
独立の: dokuritsuno: independent, self-supporting
独立する: dokuritsusuru: become independent
独立した: dokuritsushita: independent, autonomous
独立国: dokuritsukoku: independent country <<<
独立心: dokuritsushin: spirit of independence <<<
独立権: dokuritsuken: autonomy, self determination <<<
独立祭: dokuritsusai: the Independence Day <<<
独立記念日: dokuritsukinenbi
独立戦争: dokuritsusensou: war of independence, the Revolutionary War <<< 戦争
独立家屋: dokuritsukaoku: detached house


pronunciation: dokusai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , politics
translation: autocracy, despotism, tyranny
独裁の: dokusaino: dictatorial, despotic, autocratic
独裁する: dokusaisuru: have under one's despotic rule, hold an absolute authority
独裁者: dokusaisha: dictator, autocrat, despot, tyrant <<<
独裁国: dokusaikoku: autocratic nation <<<
独裁国家: dokusaikokka <<< 国家
独裁政治: dokusaiseiji: dictatorial government <<< 政治
独裁体制: dokusaitaisei: dictatorial regime <<< 体制
独裁君主: dokusaikunshu: despotic monarch <<< 君主
独裁君主国: dokusaikunshukoku: absolute monarchy <<<
check also: 専制


pronunciation: dokusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , chemistry
translation: virulence, toxicity
毒性の: dokuseino: poisomous, virulent, toxic


pronunciation: dokusen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , law
translation: exclusivity, monopoly
独占する: dokusensuru: monopolize
独占的: dokusenteki: exclusive, monopolistic <<<
独占者: dokusensha: monopolist <<<
独占権: dokusenken: exclusive right <<<
独占欲: dokusennyoku: desire for exclusive possession <<<
独占化: dokusenka: monopolization <<<
独占事業: dokusenjigyou: monopolistic enterprise <<< 事業
独占資本: dokusenshihon: monopolistic capital <<< 資本
独占禁止: dokusenkinshi: antimonopoly <<< 禁止
独占禁止法: dokusenkinshihou: antimonopoly (antitrust) law <<<

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