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pronunciation: chiri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , travel
translation: geography, geographical features, topography
地理の: chirino: geographical
地理上: nochirijouno <<<
地理に暗い: chirinikurai: be a stranger in a locality <<<
地理に明るい: chiriniakarui: be familiar with a locality <<<
地理学: chirigaku: geography <<<
地理学者: chirigakusha: geographer <<< 学者
地理書: chirisho: geographical writing <<<


pronunciation: chirigami
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: toilet paper
check also: ティッシュ


pronunciation: chirimen
kanji characters:
keyword: fabric
translation: crepe, crape
縮緬紙: chirimenshi: crepe paper <<<
縮緬皺: chirimenjiwa: fine wrinkles <<<
check also: クレープ


pronunciation: chiritori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: dustpan


pronunciation: chiryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: cure (n.), remedy (n.), medical treatment, therapy
治療する: chiryousuru: cure (v.), remedy (v.), treat
治療を受ける: chiryououkeru: undergo [receive] medical treatment <<<
治療中: chiryouchuu: be under medical treatment <<<
治療室: chiryoushitsu: care unit <<<
治療所: chiryousho: sanatorium <<<
治療代: chiryoudai: doctor's fee <<<
治療薬: chiryouyaku: curative <<<
治療法: chiryouhou: treatment method <<<
治療学: chiryougaku: therapeutics <<<
集中治療: shuuchuuchiryou: intensive care <<< 集中
催眠治療: saiminchiryou: hypnotherapy <<< 催眠
入院治療: nyuuinchiryou: hospital treatment <<< 入院
内科治療: naikachiryou: internal treatment <<< 内科
免疫治療: mennekichiryou: immunotherapy <<< 免疫


pronunciation: chisetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: childishness
稚拙さ: chisetsusa
稚拙な: chisetsuna: childish


pronunciation: chishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: fatality
致死の: chishino: fatal, mortal, lethal
致死量: chishiryou: fatal [lethal] dose <<<
業務上過失致死: gyoumujoukashitsuchishi: corporate manslaughter <<< 業務
過失致死: kashitsuchishi: accidental homicide, involuntary manslaughter <<< 過失


pronunciation: chishiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , science
translation: knowledge, information
知識が有る: chishikigaaru: have some knowledge of <<<
知識が無い: chishikiganai: be without any knowledge of <<<
知識が増す: chishikigamasu: advance in knowledge <<<
知識を得る: chishikioeru: acquire (gain, obtain) knowledge <<<
知識を深める: chishikiohukameru: enrich one's knowledge <<<
知識を広める: chishikiohiromeru: extend one's knowledge <<<
知識人: chishikijin: intellectual, highbrow <<<
知識欲: chishikiyoku: intellectual desire, thirst for knowledge <<<
知識階級: chishikikaikyuu: educated class, intelligentsia, intellectuals, highbrows <<< 階級
基礎知識: kisochishiki: elementary knowledge, grounding <<< 基礎
科学知識: kagakuchishiki: scientific knowledge <<< 科学
予備知識: yobichishiki: preliminary knowledge <<< 予備
専門知識: senmonchishiki: expertise <<< 専門


pronunciation: chishima
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: Kuril, Kurile
千島列島: chishimarettou: Kuril Chain, Kuril Islands <<< 列島
check also: Chishima


pronunciation: chishitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: nature of the soil, geology
地質の: chishitsuno: geological
地質上の: chishitsujouno <<<
地質図: chishitsuzu: geological map <<<
地質学: chishitsugaku: geology <<<
地質学者: chishitsugakusha: geologist <<< 学者
地質調査: chishitsuchousa: geological survey <<< 調査

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