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pronunciation: chozou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: preservation, storing, storage
貯蔵する: chozousuru: preserve, store (up), lay up
貯蔵庫: chozouko: storehouse, storeroom <<< , 倉庫
貯蔵室: chozoushitsu <<<
貯蔵品: chozouhin: stores, stocks <<<
貯蔵瓶: chozoubin: bottling jar, preserving jar <<< , 瓶詰
貯蔵野菜: chozouyasai: preserved vegetable <<< 野菜
貯蔵果物: chozoukudamono: preserved fruit <<< 果物
貯蔵タンク: chozoutanku: storage tank <<< タンク
check also: ストック


pronunciation: chuubu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: central [middle] part [portion], center
中部地区: chuubuchiku: central area [district] <<< 地区
中部地方: chuubuchihou: central region (of Japan), Chubu region <<< 地方
中部電力: chuubudenryoku: Chubu Electric Power Company, CEPCP <<< 電力
中部空港: chuubukuukou: Chubu Centrair International Airport <<< 空港
中部国際空港: chuubukokusaikuukou
check also: 中央 , センター


pronunciation: chuucho
translation: hesitation, scruples
躊躇する: chuuchosuru: hesitate (to do, in doing, about what to do), have scruples (about doing), hang back, waver
躊躇して: chuuchoshite: hesitatingly, hesitantly, falteringly
躊躇しながら: chuuchoshinagara
躊躇せずに: chuuchosezuni: without hesitation


pronunciation: chuudan
kanji characters: ,
translation: interruption, break (n.)
中断する: chuudansuru: interrupt, break (v.)
時効の中断: jikounochuudan: interruption [suspension] of prescription <<< 時効


pronunciation: chuudoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: poisoning, addiction
中毒する: chuudokusuru: be [get] poisoned
中毒性: chuudokusei: poisonous <<<
中毒死: chuudokushi: death from poisoning <<<
中毒症: chuudokushou: toxicosis <<<
中毒患者: chuudokukanja: poisoned patient <<< 患者
中毒症候: chuudokushoukou: symptom of poisoning <<< 症候
燐中毒: rinchuudoku: phosphorous poisoning, phosphorism <<<
鉛中毒: namarichuudoku: lead poisoning <<<
食中毒: shokuchuudoku: food poisoning <<<
腐敗中毒: huhaichuudoku: septic poisoning <<< 腐敗
阿片中毒: ahenchuudoku: opium poisoning, opiumism <<< 阿片
麻薬中毒: mayakuchuudoku: narcotic (addiction) <<< 麻薬
水銀中毒: suiginchuudoku: mercury poisoning <<< 水銀
薬品中毒: yakuhinchuudoku: drug intoxication <<< 薬品
砒素中毒: hisochuudoku: arsenic poisoning <<< 砒素
集団中毒: shuudanchuudoku: mass food poisoning <<< 集団
ニコチン中毒: nikochinchuudoku: nicotinism <<< ニコチン
サルモネラ中毒: sarumonerachuudoku: salmonella poisoning <<< サルモネラ
カフェイン中毒: kahuinchuudoku: caffeine intoxication <<< カフェイン
ゲーム中毒: geemuchuudoku: game addiction <<< ゲーム
ガス中毒: gasuchuudoku: gas poisoning <<< ガス
アルコール中毒: arukooruchuudoku: alcoholism, alcoholic (person) <<< アルコール
モルヒネ中毒: moruhinechuudoku: morphinism <<< モルヒネ


pronunciation: chuugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: junior high school, middle school, intermediate school
中学校: chuugakkou <<<
中学生: chuugakusei: junior high school student <<<
check also: 高校


pronunciation: chuugoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: china
translation: China, midland
中国の: chuugokuno: Chinese (a.)
中国人: chuugokujin: Chinese (people) <<<
中国語: chuugokugo: Chinese (language) <<<
中国籍: chuugokuseki: Chinese nationality <<<
中国製: chuugokusei: made in China <<<
中国地方: chuugouchihou: western part of Honshu island <<< 地方
check also: 中華


pronunciation: chuui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: attention, care, heed, notice, interest, watch, caution, advice, counsel, warning, admonition, hint
注意する: chuuisuru: be careful, cautious, warn
注意して: chuuishite: carefully, with care, attentively, cautiously
注意が足りない: chuuigatarinai: be careless, inattentive <<<
注意を怠る: chuuiookotaru: be negligent, relax one's attention <<< , 油断
注意を逸らす: chuuiosorasu: distract [divert] a person's attention <<<
注意深い: chuuibukai: careful, attentive, observant, watchful, wary, cautious <<<
注意を引く: chuuiohiku: draw [attract, arrest, catch] a person's attention, be attractive, come into [under] notice, arouse interest <<<
注意を向ける: chuuiomukeru: turn one's attention, bring to a person's attention <<<
注意報: chuuihou: (meteorological) warning <<<
注意人物: chuuijinbutsu: wanted (person) <<< 人物
用語に注意する: yougonichuuisuru: speak carefully <<< 用語
check also: 用心 , 留意


pronunciation: chuui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: lieutenant, sublieutenant of the first class
check also: 大尉 , 少尉


pronunciation: chuuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: middle ear, tympanum
中耳炎: chuujien: otitis media, tympanitis <<<
check also: 内耳

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