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pronunciation: bubun
kanji characters: ,
translation: part, portion, section, segment
部分的: bubunteki: partial, local, limited <<<
部分的に: bubuntekini: partially, partly, locally
部分品: bubunhin: parts, accessories <<<
部分食: bubunshoku: partial eclipse <<<
部分蝕: bubunshoku <<<
部分冠詞: bubunkanshi: partitive article <<< 冠詞
大部分: daibubun: the greater [major] part, majority, most (of), for the most part, mostly <<<
check also: 一部


pronunciation: buchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: head [chief] of a section [division, department], dean, cabinet minister (in China)
巡査部長: junsabuchou: police sergeant <<< 巡査
総務部長: soumubuchou: general manager <<< 総務
経理部長: keiribuchou: administration [accountant] manager <<< 経理
人事部長: jinjibuchou: personnel director [manager] <<< 人事
check also: 課長 , 局長


pronunciation: budou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: martial art


pronunciation: budou
other spells: ブドウ
keyword: fruit
translation: grape, grapevine
葡萄の房: budounohusa: bunch (cluster) of grapes <<<
葡萄の種: budounotane: grape-seed, grape-stone <<<
葡萄の蔓: budounotsuru: grapevine <<<
葡萄園: budouen: vineyard, grapery <<<
葡萄色: budouiro: dark purple <<<
葡萄酒: budoushu: wine <<<
葡萄糖: budoutou: grape sugar, glucose <<<
葡萄液: budoueki: grape juice <<<
葡萄ジュース: budoujuusu <<< ジュース
葡萄栽培: budousaibai: viticulture <<< 栽培
葡萄栽培者: budousaibaisha: winegrower <<<
葡萄パン: budoupan: raisin bread <<< パン
干し葡萄: hoshibudou: raisins, currants <<<
野葡萄: nobudou: wild grape, ampelopsis <<<
山葡萄: yamabudou <<<
check also: ワイン , グレープ


pronunciation: buhin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , car
translation: part (of machine), component
自動車部品: jidoushabuhin: automotive [car] parts <<< 自動車
純正部品: junseibuhin: genuine parts <<< 純正
check also: パーツ


pronunciation: buin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , job
translation: member (of a club), staff
check also: 会員


pronunciation: buji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security , travel
translation: safety, peace, good health
無事な: bujina: safe, sound, peaceful, uneventful
無事に: bujini: safely, in safety, in peace, quietly, all right, without accident, without a hitch
無事で: bujide
無事で居る: bujideiru: be (doing) well, live a peace <<<
無事を祈る: bujioinoru: pray for safety <<<
無事を祈ります: bujioinorimasu: Have a good trip! Bon voyage!
無事に暮らす: bujinikurasu: get along well <<<
無事に逃れる: bujininogareru: make good one's escape, save one's skin <<<
無事に着く: bujinitsuku: arrive safely, reach in good condition [order] <<<
無事に到着する: bujinitouchakusuru <<< 到着
無事に解決する: bujinikaiketsusuru: come to a satisfactory conclusion <<< 解決
synonyms: 無傷


pronunciation: bujoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: insult (n.), contempt, affront (n.), slight (n.), humiliation
侮辱する: bujokusuru: insult (v.), affront (v.), slight (v.), humiliate
侮辱を与える: bujokuoataeru <<<
侮辱的: bujokuteki: insulting <<<
侮辱を受ける: bujokuoukeru: be insulted <<<
侮辱罪: bujokuzai: contempt of court <<<


pronunciation: buka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: subordinate, junior partner
check also: 手下


pronunciation: bukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: sectional meeting

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