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pronunciation: raketto
origin: racket (eg.)
keyword: sport
translation: racket, battledore, paddle, bat
テニスラケット: tenisuraketto: tennis racket <<< テニス


pronunciation: rakkii
origin: lucky (eg.)
keyword: sport
translation: luck, fortune
ラッキーな: rakkiina: lucky, fortunate
check also: 幸運


pronunciation: rakku
origin: rack (eg.), lac (eg.)
keyword: electricity , material
translation: rack, lac, shellac
ワイン・ラック: wainrakku: wine rack <<< ワイン
check also: 塗料


pronunciation: rakuretto
origin: raclette (fr.)
keyword: food
translation: raclette


pronunciation: rama
origin: llama (es.), lama (eg.)
keyword: animal , religion
translation: llama, lama
ラマ教: ramakyou: Lamaism <<<
ラマ教徒: ramakyouto: Lamaist <<< 教徒
ラマ寺院: ramajiin: lamasery <<< 寺院
check also: チベット


pronunciation: ramadan
origin: Ramadan (eg.)
keyword: religion
translation: Ramadan, fast month
check also: 断食


pronunciation: ramu
origin: ram (eg.), lamb (eg.), rum (eg.)
keyword: computer , food
translation: ram (random access memory), lamb
ラム酒: ramushu: rum <<<
ラムの肉: ramunoniku: lamb <<<
ラムスキン: ramusukin: lambskin
ラムウール: ramuuuru: lamb's wool
check also: 子羊 , ロム


pronunciation: ranborugiini
origin: Lamborghini (it.)
keyword: car brand
translation: Lamborghini


pronunciation: ranchi
origin: lunch (eg.), launch (eg.)
keyword: food , ship
translation: lunch, luncheon, steam launch
ランチを食べる: ranchiotaberu: have [take] lunch <<<
ランチを注文する: ranchiochuumonsuru: order lunch <<< 注文
ランチ・タイム: ranchitaimu: lunchtime <<< タイム
ランチ・メニュー: ranchimenyuu: lunch menu <<< メニュー
synonyms: 昼食 , 昼飯


pronunciation: randamu
origin: random (eg.)
keyword: mathematics , computer
translation: random
ランダムに: randamuni: randomly
ランダムアクセスメモリー: randamuakusesumemorii: RAM, random access memory
ランダムサンプリング: randamusanpuringu: random sampling

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