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pronunciation: kankun
origin: Cancún (es.)
keyword: america
translation: Cancún (city)
カンクン市: kankunshi: City of Cancún <<<


pronunciation: kannna
origin: canna (lt.)
keyword: flower
translation: canna


pronunciation: kannningu
origin: cunning (eg.)
keyword: school
translation: cribbing, cheating
カンニングする: kannningusuru: cheat [crib] in an examination


pronunciation: kannnu
origin: Cannes (fr.)
keyword: europe , movie
translation: Cannes (city)
カンヌ市: kannnushi: City of Cannes (France) <<<
カンヌ映画祭: kannnueigasai: Cannes Film Festival
check also: フランス


pronunciation: kanpanyura
origin: campanula (eg.)
keyword: flower
translation: campanula
check also: 桔梗


pronunciation: kantera
origin: kandelaar (nl.)
keyword: nature
translation: lantern


pronunciation: kanuu
other spells: カノー
origin: canoe (eg.)
keyword: events
translation: canoe
カヌーを漕ぐ: kanuuokogu: paddle a canoe <<<
check also: カヤック


pronunciation: kanzasu
other spells: カンサス
origin: Kansas (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: Kansas
カンザスの: kanzasuno: Kansan
カンザス州: kanzasushuu: State of Kansas <<<
カンザス・シティー: kanzasushitii: Kansas City


pronunciation: kaosu
origin: chaos (eg.)
keyword: legend
translation: chaos
synonyms: 混沌


pronunciation: kappa
other spells: 合羽
origin: capa (pt.), kappa (eg.)
keyword: clothes
translation: a waterproof, raincoat, macintosh, kappa (a Greek character)
check also: 河童

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