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pronunciation: bira
origin: bill (eg.)
keyword: politics
translation: poster, placard, handbill, leaflet
ビラを貼る: biraoharu: post a bill, put up a poster <<<
ビラ貼り: birahari: billsticking, billposting, billsticker, billposter
ビラ貼り人: biraharinin: billsticker, billposter
ビラを配る: biraokubaru: distribute handbills [leaflets] <<<
ビラを撒く: biraomaku: spread leaflets <<<
広告ビラ: koukokubira: bill, handbill, poster <<< 広告
宣伝ビラ: sendenbira: handbill, propaganda bill <<< 宣伝
check also: ポスター , パンフレット


pronunciation: biriyaado
origin: billiard (eg.)
keyword: amusement
translation: billiards
ビリヤードをする: biriyaadoosuru: play billiards
ビリヤード台: biriyaadodai: billiard table <<<
ビリヤード場: biriyaadojou: billiard hall <<<
ビリヤードのキュー: biriyaadonokyuu: billiard cue
ビリヤードの棒: biriyaadonobou <<<
ビリヤードの玉: biriyaadonotama: billiard ball <<<


pronunciation: biru
origin: building (eg.)
keyword: town
translation: building
ビル街: birugai: street of office buildings <<<
ボディービル: bodiibiru: body building <<< ボディー
ターミナルビル: taaminarubiru: airport building, building at a railroad terminal <<< ターミナル
パーキングビル: paakingubiru: multi-story parking garage, multi-story car park <<< パーキング
マネービル: maneebiru: moneymaking <<< マネー
バッファロー・ビル: bafaroobiru: Buffalo Bill <<< バッファロー


pronunciation: biruma
origin: Birma (nl.)
keyword: asia
translation: Burma, Myanmar
ビルマの: birumano: Burmese (a.)
ビルマ人: mirumajin: Burmese (people) <<<
ビルマ語: birumago: Burmese language <<<
ビルマの竪琴: birumanotategoto: The Burmese Harp (a film of Kon Ichikawa, 1956 and 1985)


pronunciation: bisu
origin: vis (fr.)
keyword: tool
translation: screw
check also: 螺子


pronunciation: bisuketto
origin: biscuit (eg.)
keyword: confectionery
translation: biscuit, cracker
check also: クッキー , ラスク , クラッカー


pronunciation: bitamin
origin: Vitamin (de.)
keyword: drug
translation: vitamin, vitamine
ビタミンを含む: bitaminnohukumu: contain in vitamins <<<
ビタミンに富む: bitaminnnitomu: rich in vitamins <<<
ビタミンの多い: bitaminnnoooi <<<
ビタミンの少ない: bitaminnnosukunai: poor in vitamins <<<
ビタミン剤: bitaminzai: vitamin compound <<<
ビタミン錠: bitaminjou: vitamin tablet <<<
ビタミンA: bitaminnei: vitamin A
ビタミンB: bitaminbii: vitamin B
ビタミンC: bitaminshii: vitamin C


pronunciation: bitto
origin: bit (eg.)
keyword: computer
translation: bit
ストップ・ビット: sutoppubitto: stop bit <<< ストップ


pronunciation: biza
origin: visa (eg.)
keyword: travel
translation: visa
ビザが切れる: bizagakireru: One's visa gives out <<<
ビザを取る: bizaotoru: have one's passport visaed <<<
就業ビザ: shuugyoubiza: work visa [permit] <<< 就業
check also: 査証


pronunciation: boa
origin: boa (eg.)
keyword: animal
translation: boa
check also:

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