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category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 9
translation: sly, cunning, foxy, crafty, wily, tricky, cheat, shirk
kou, kyou
狡い: zurui: sly, cunning, foxy, crafty, wily, tricky, unfair
狡い奴: zuruiyatsu: cunning fellow, shirk (n.), shirker, fox <<<
狡をする: zuruosuru: cheat, play foul
狡ける: zurukeru: be idle, be lazy, shirk (one's duty), stay away without a good reason
狡を決める: zuruokimeru: shirk one's duty <<<
狡: toshi: pers.

category: JIS1
keyword: sex
nb of strokes: 9
translation: lie, falsehood, indecent, obscene, lewd
kan, ken
姦り: itsuwari: lie, falsehood <<< ,
姦: midara: indecent, obscene, lewd <<<
姦しい: kashimashii: noisy (jp.), clamorous <<<
Kanji words: 姦通 , 強姦 , 獣姦

category: JIS1
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 9
translation: sudden, unexpected
俄の: niwakano: sudden, unexpected
俄に: niwakani: suddenly, unexpectedly
Kanji words: 俄雨
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category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 9
translation: throat, swallow, sob, choke
in, en, etsu
咽: nodo: throat <<<
咽む: nomu: swallow, gulp down <<<
咽ぶ: musebu: sob
咽せる: museru: choke, be choked with
Kanji words: 咽喉
Expressions: 涙に咽ぶ

category: JIS2
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 9
translation: wart
疣: ibo
疣の有る: ibonoaru: warty <<<

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 9
translation: loss, doubt, hesitate, undeceive, disillusion
mei, bei
迷い: mayoi: doubt, perplexity, bewilderment, superstition
迷いが醒める: mayoigasameru: be undeceived [disillusioned], come to one's senses <<<
迷いから醒める: mayoikarasameru <<<
迷いを醒まさせる: mayoiosamasaseru: undeceive, disillusion <<<
迷いから醒まさせる: mayoikarasamasaseru <<<
迷いを醒ます: mayoiosamasu <<<
迷う: mayou: be at a loss, get lost, hesitate, be perplexed (at, for), be puzzled, waver, vacilate, go [be led] astray, be tempted, be infatuated (with), be captivated (by)
Kanji words: 混迷 , 迷子 , 迷宮 , 迷信 , 迷惑
Expressions: 道に迷う , 選択に迷う

category: to learn in school
other spells:
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 9
translation: alone, independent, Germany (pref., suff.)
doku, toku
独り: hitori: alone, independent <<< 一人
独りで: hitoride: alone, by oneself <<< 単独 , 独立
独りでに: hitorideni: of itself, of its own accord, spontaneously, automatically <<< 自動
Kanji words: 独活 , 孤独 , 数独 , 単独 , 独学 , 独裁 , 独身 , 独自 , 独占 , 独特 , 独房 , 独立
Expressions: 独会話 , 独作文 , 独文法
check also: ドイツ

category: JIS1
keyword: travel
nb of strokes: 9
translation: tour, patrol, circulate, revolve
kai, e
廻る: meguru: tour (v.), patrol, circulate, revolve
廻り: meguri: tour (n.), patrol, circulation
Kanji words: 輪廻
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category: to learn in school
keyword: drink
nb of strokes: 9
translation: tea
cha, sa
茶を出す: chaodasu: serve tea, offer (a person) a cup of tea <<<
茶を入れる: chaoireru: make tea <<<
茶を飲む: chaonomu: drink [have] a cup of tea <<<
茶の湯: chanoyu: tea ceremony [cult] <<<
Kanji words: 御茶 , 喫茶 , 紅茶 , 山茶花 , 茶色 , 茶会 , 茶化す , 茶室 , 茶漬 , 茶畑 , 茶番 , 茶碗 , 番茶 , 抹茶 , 麦茶 , 無茶 , 滅茶 , 緑茶
Expressions: 一番茶 , 茶菓子 , 玄米茶 , 昆布茶 , 茶の接待をする , 茶道具 , ジャスミン茶 , セイロン茶

category: common usage
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 9
translation: ruin, devastate, wreck
荒れる: areru: run waste, fall to ruin
荒らす: arasu: devastate, wreck, ruin
荒む: susamu: grow wild, lead a wild life
荒い: arai: violent (jap.)
荒: are: storm (jap.), chaps (of skin)
Kanji words: 荒廃 , 山荒
Expressions: 舌が荒れる , 踏み荒す , 縄張りを荒す , 荒れ模様

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