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category: to learn in school
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 7
translation: body, person, oneself
身: mi: body, person, oneself, heart, soul
身ら: mizukara: personally, in person, oneself
身も心も: mimokokoromo: body and soul <<<
身に着ける: minitsukeru: carry (a thing) about [on] one, wear <<<
身に付ける: minitsukeru: wear, learn (an art), acquire (culture, skill in an art) <<<
身を任せる: miomakaseru: put oneself into a person's hands, give [submit] oneself to so., yield to (temptation) <<<
身を投じる: miotoujiru: go in for (a carrier), enter upon (a carrier), join <<<
身を処する: mioshosuru: conduct oneself <<<
身を滅ぼす: miohorobosu: ruin oneself <<<
身を売る: miouru: sell [sacrifice] oneself, prostitute oneself <<<
身を固める: miokatameru: settle down (to some business, to a married life) <<<
身に沁みる: minishimiru: touch [go to] one's heart, come home (to one), feel deeply <<<
身を入れる: mioireru: put one's heart [back] into (a task) <<<
Kanji words: 黄身 , 化身 , 献身 , 刺身 , 終身 , 出身 , 心身 , 身体 , 身長 , 自身 , 人身 , 擂身 , 全身 , 単身 , 独身 , 半身 , 分身 , 変身 , 細身 , 身動き , 身近 , 身の上 , 身幅 , 身振り , 身分 , 身元
Expressions: 身支度 , 身支度する , 不死身
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category: to learn in school
keyword: transport
nb of strokes: 7
translation: steam, vapor
汽: yuge <<< 湯気
Kanji words: 汽車 , 汽船
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: change, exchange, replace
更える: kaeru
更に: sarani: moreover, never (jp.)
更: sara: new (jp.)
更ける: hukeru: grow late (jp.), advance (for the time)
更かす: hukasu: sit up late (jp.)
Kanji words: 今更 , 更衣 , 更新 , 更正 , 更迭 , 更年期 , 尚更 , 変更 , 夜更け

category: to learn in school
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 7
translation: effort, labor, work, pains
労する: rousuru: make an effort, take pains
労せずに: rousezuni: without difficulty, very easily
労を取る: rouotoru: take the trouble to do [of doing] <<<
労れる: tsukareru: get tired <<<
労る: itawaru: take care of
労う: negirau: thank a person for his trouble [service]
労を謝する: rouoshasuru <<<
労を労う: roonegirau
労に報いる: rounimukuiru: reward [remunerate] (a person) for his service [labor] <<<
労を厭わない: rouoitowanai: spare no pains [trouble], do not spare oneself [one's pains] <<<
労を惜しまない: rouooshimanai <<<
労を省く: rouohabuku: save (one) trouble <<<
労を惜しむ: rouooshimu <<<
Kanji words: 勤労 , 苦労 , 疲労 , 労災 , 労働 , 労力

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 7
translation: foolish, silly, stupid
hou, bou
呆か: oroka
呆け: boke: senile psychosis [dementia]
呆ける: bokeru: grow [become] senile, dote, grow mentally weak <<<
呆れる: akireru: be surprised (jp.), be amazed, be dumfounded (by), be disgusted
呆れて: akirete: in amazement, in disgust
呆れて物が言えない: akiretemonogaienai: be struck dumb with amazement, be dumfounded
呆れた: akireta: surprising, amazing, disgusting
呆れた奴: akiretayatsu: damned fellow <<<
呆れたね: akiretane: Well I never! You don't say!

category: JIS1
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 7
translation: cover, screen, protect, patronage (fig.)
庇う: oou: cover (v.), screen, protect
庇: kage: protection, patronage
庇: hisashi: eaves (jp.), penthouse, visor, peak
Kanji words: 庇護
Expressions: 帽子の庇
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category: JIS2
keyword: pet
nb of strokes: 7
translation: a Tibetan tribe in Yunnan
狆: chin: Japanese chin (jp.)
狆ころ: chinkoro: puppy, doggy

category: to learn in school
keyword: town
nb of strokes: 7
translation: levee, rib, ridge
chou: town (suff., jp.)
町: aze: levee (of field), rib, ridge
町: machi: town (jp.)
町の: machino: communal, municipal
町に行く: machiniiku: go to [be in] town <<<
Kanji words: 町長 , 町民 , 町並
Expressions: 海辺の町 , 大手町 , 女川町 , 歌舞伎町 , 町議会 , 信濃町 , 町の騒音 , 大学町 , 町の壁蝨 , 浜松町 , 門前町 , 町役場 , 屋敷町
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category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 7
translation: male, ox, bull
bo, bou, mou
牡: osu: male
Kanji words: 牡牛 , 牡鹿 , 牡蠣 , 牡丹
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category: to learn in school
other spells:
keyword: audio
nb of strokes: 7
translation: voice, sound
sei, juu
声: koe: voice
声を立てる: koeotateru: cry (v.) utter a cry <<<
声を出す: koeodasu <<<
声が出ない: koegadenai: lose one's voice <<<
声を掛ける: koeokakeru: call out [shout], hail (a person) <<<
声を潜める: koeohisomeru: lower one's voice <<<
声を落す: koeootosu <<<
声を張り上げる: koeohariageru: raise one's voice
声を呑む: ikionomu: be astounded (at, by) <<<
声を揃えて: koeosoroete: with one voice, in chorus <<<
声: kowa: voice
声: oto: sound <<<
Kanji words: 歌声 , 産声 , 掛声 , 声楽 , 声帯 , 声明 , 怒声
Expressions: 小さい声で , 天の声 , 作り声 , 作り声をする , 高い声 , 巷の声 , 澄んだ声 , 黄色い声で , 銅鑼声 , 悲鳴声 , ハスキーな声 , ヒステリックな声

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