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category: common usage
keyword: weapon
nb of strokes: 5
translation: halberd
矛: hoko
矛を収める: hokooosameru: lay down arms <<<
矛を執る: hokootoru: take up [rise in] arms <<<
Kanji words: 矛盾
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category: to learn in school
keyword: weapon
nb of strokes: 5
translation: arrow, swear
矢: ya
矢う: chikau: swear, bow, pledge <<<
矢の様に: yanoyouni: swift as an arrow, with lightning speed <<<
矢を射る: yaoiru: shoot [let fly] an arrow (at) <<<
矢を放つ: yaohanatsu <<<
矢を番える: yaotsugaeru: fix an arrow (to the bowstring) <<<
Kanji words: 矢車 , 矢印 , 矢張
Expressions: 矢の催促をする

category: JIS1
keyword: time , calendar
nb of strokes: 5
translation: rabbit, six o'clock AM
卯: u: six o'clock AM (anc.)
卯: usagi: rabbit (in Chinese or Japanese zodiac) <<<

category: to learn in school
keyword: life , society
nb of strokes: 5
translation: times, age, epoch, period, reign, world, life
世: yo
世の常: yonotsune: way of the world, common occurrence <<<
世に稀な: yonimarena: rarest in the world, matchless, unique <<<
世に出る: yonideru: see the light, come into the world, rise [make one's way] in the world, get on in life <<<
世に入れられない: yoniirerarenai: be unappreciated, be shut out of society, be rejected by the world <<<
世に逆らう: yonisakarau: swim against the stream of the world <<<
世を厭う: yooitou: be weary of life <<<
世を驚かす: yooodorokasu: astonish the world <<<
世を捨てる: yoosuteru: renounce[hide oneself from] the world, retire from the world <<<
世を去る: yoosaru: die, leave this world <<< ,
世を渡る: yoowataru: get along the world <<<
世が世なら: yogayonara: in better times, if times had not changed
世に遅れる: yoniokureru: fall [lag] behind the times <<<
Kanji words: 浮世 , 永世 , 厭世 , 御世辞 , 救世 , 出世 , 世紀 , 世界 , 世間 , 世帯 , 世代 , 世話 , 絶世 , 中世 , 二世 , 世継 , 世論 , 来世

category: to learn in school
keyword: advertisement , geography
nb of strokes: 5
translation: wide, vast, spread, extend
広い: hiroi: wide, vast, spacious, broad, large, roomy
広し: hiroshi
広く: hiroku: widely, broadly, far and wide, extensively
広くする: hirokusuru: widen (vt.), broaden, enlarge
広く成る: hirokunaru: broaden (vi.), widen, become wider <<<
広さ: hirosa: width, breadth <<< 面積
広まる: hiromaru: spread (vi.), diffuse, circulate, be widespread [circulated, diffused, propagated], get [take] wind
広める: hiromeru: spread (vt.), diffuse, make known, propagate, make popular, advertise, announce
広げる: hirogeru: spread (vt.), extend, expand, enlarge, widen, open, unfold
広がる: hirogaru: spread (vi.), extend, expand
広がり: hirogari: extension, expanse, stretch (of)
Kanji words: 広角 , 広告 , 広大 , 広報 , 広葉 , 広島 , 広場
Expressions: 心の広い , 売り広める , 傘を広げる , 幅の広い , 幅を広げる , 輪を広げる , 鍔の広い , 顔が広い , 繰り広げる , 応用の広い , 大手を広げて , 肩幅が広い , 広い胸囲 , 交際が広い , 視野が広い , 知識を広める , 範囲が広い , 広範囲 , 両手を広げる , ゴシップを広める

category: JIS2
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 5
translation: conceive, pregnant, impregnate
孕む: haramu: conceive, be [become] pregnant
孕ませる: haramaseru: impregnate, make pregnant
孕んだ: haranda: pregnant
Expressions: 危機を孕む , 雷雨を孕んだ
check also: 妊娠

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 5
translation: add, join
加える: kuwaeru: add
加わる: kuwawaru: join
を加えて: okuwaete: including
Kanji words: 加賀 , 加減 , 加工 , 加算 , 加勢 , 加速 , 加入 , 加熱 , 加盟 , 参加 , 増加 , 追加 , 添加
Expressions: 付け加える , 熱を加える , 圧力を加える , 一撃を加える , 陰謀に加わる , 競技に加わる , 重圧を加える , 制裁を加える , 打撃を加える , 訂正を加える , 鉄拳を加える , 風力が加わる , 暴行を加える , 暴力を加える

category: JIS1
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 5
translation: fifth symbol of jik., halberd
bo, bou, mo
戊: tsuchinoe: fifth symbol of jik., about four o'clock am. (anc.) <<< 十干
戊: hoko: halberd <<<
戊: shige: pers.

category: JIS2
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 5
translation: sound of fall into a well
tan, ton
丼: donburi: (deep) bowl (jp.)
Kanji words: 牛丼
Expressions: 親子丼 , カツ丼

category: JIS1, only in Japanese
keyword: amusement
nb of strokes: 5
translation: (paper) kite
凧: tako
凧を揚げる: takooageru: fly a kite <<<
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