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category: common usage
keyword: audio
nb of strokes: 20
translation: sound, reverberate, echo
響く: hibiku: sound (v.), reverberate, echo
響き: hibiki: sound (n.), crash, report, peal, echo, reverberation, effect, impact
Kanji words: 影響 , 音響 , 反響
Expressions: 山彦が響く , ラッパの響き
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category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 20
translation: loach
鰍: dojou
鰍: inada: yellowtail (jp.)
鰍: kajika: bullhead, sculpin (jp.)

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 20
translation: crocodile, alligator, big shark (jp.)
鰐: wani
check also: クロコダイル , アリゲーター

category: common usage
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 20
translation: dew, appear (ext.), Russia (suff.)
露: tsuyu: dew, little (jp.), few
露われる: arawareru: appear, be disclosed, be revealed
Kanji words: 朝露 , 雨露 , 甘露 , 暴露 , 披露 , 露出 , 露店
check also: , , ロシア

category: JIS2
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 20
translation: rush
藺: i
Kanji words: 藺草

category: JIS2
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 20
translation: stone, pebble
reki, ryaku
礫: koishi
礫: tsubute
Kanji words: 瓦礫
Expressions: 梨の礫

category: JIS1
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 20
translation: fire dish, high-leg dish, stirrup (bor.)
鐙: abumi: stirrups
鐙に足を掛ける: abuminiashiokakeru: place one's foot in the stirrup
鐙: hitomoshi: cresset
鐙: takatsuki: high-leg dish

category: to learn in school
keyword: sport , business
nb of strokes: 20
translation: compete, contest
kyou, kei
競う: kisou: vie (with), rival (a person in), compete [contend] with (a person for a thing)
競って: kisotte: over and over again, at every possible opportunity
競る: seru: compete [contend] with (a person for a thing), bid for (a thing)
競り: seri: auction <<< オークション
競りに出す: serinidasu: put up (a thing) at [to] auction <<<
競りで売る: serideuru: sell (a thing) at [by] auction <<<
競り上げる: seriageru: bid up (the price) <<<
競り落とす: seriotosu: knock (a thing) down, make a successful bid (for a thing) <<<
競り合う: seriau: compete (with a person for a thing), bid against each other <<<
Kanji words: 競技 , 競走 , 競争 , 競売 , 競歩 , 競馬

category: JIS2
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 20
translation: osprey
鶚: misago
check also: オスプレイ

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