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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 17
translation: mystery, riddle, enigma, puzzle, secret
謎: nazo
謎の: nazono: enigmatic, mysterious, puzzling
謎の様な: nazonoyouna <<<
謎めいた: nazomeita
謎を掛ける: nazookakeru: ask a riddle, give a puzzle to guess <<<
謎を解く: nazootoku: guess a riddle, solve a mystery <<<
check also: 秘密 , パズル

category: JIS1
keyword: ship
nb of strokes: 17
translation: anchor
錨: ikari: anchor (n.)
錨を揚げる: ikarioageru: weigh anchor <<<
錨を降ろす: ikarioorosu: anchor (v.), cast anchor <<<
錨を降ろした: ikariooroshita: at anchor, anchored <<<

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 17
translation: wet, damp, soak, drench
ju, nyu
濡れる: nureru: get [be] wet, be damp, be soaked [drenched]
濡らす: nurasu: wet (v.), moisten, soak, dip
濡れた: nureta: wet (a.), moist, damp
濡う: uruou: be moistened, get wet
濡す: uruosu: moisten, wet, enrich, make rich, benefit
濡い: uruoi: moisture, dampness
Expressions: 雨に濡れる , 袖を濡らす , 朝露に濡れた , 濡れ布巾

category: JIS2
keyword: health
nb of strokes: 17
translation: snore
鼾: ibiki: snore (n.), snoring
鼾を掻く: ibikiokaku: snore (v.), snort <<<
鼾掻き: ibikikaki: snorer <<<
鼾を掻く人: ibikiokakuhito

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 17
translation: rub, chafe, stroke, pat, scratch, scrape, graze
擦る: suru: rub (vt.), file, frost, strike, lose (jp.) <<<
擦れる: sureru: rub (vi.), wear, be worn (out), lose one's modesty [naïveté] (jp.)
擦る: sasuru: rub (vt.), chafe, stroke, pat
擦る: kasuru: scratch, scrape, graze
擦る: kosuru: rub, scrub, scour, chafe, brush
Kanji words: 阿婆擦 , 摩擦
Expressions: 軽石で擦る , 束子で擦る

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 17
translation: ugly, nasty, bad-looking, sort (bor.)
醜い: minikui: ugly, nasty, bad-looking
醜さ: minikusa: ugliness
醜む: nikumu: hate, detest
醜: tagui: kind (n., bor.), sort
醜しい: hitoshii: equal, identical
Kanji words: 醜女

category: common usage
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 17
translation: cure, heal
療す: iyasu
Kanji words: 医療 , 診療 , 治療 , 療法

category: common usage
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 17
translation: frost
霜: shimo: frost, hoar frost, white frost
霜が降りる: shimogaoriru: Frost falls [settles] <<<
Kanji words: 霜柱 , 霜焼

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 17
translation: close, cover, dark, dim, gloomy, somber
an, on
闇じる: tojiru: close, cover
闇い: kurai: dark, dim, gloomy, somber
闇: yami: obscurity (jp.), darkness
闇の中で: yaminonakade: in the dark <<<
闇に紛れて: yaminimagirete: under cover of darkness <<<
闇で売る: yamideuru: sell on [at] the black market <<<
闇で買う: yamidekau: buy on [at] the black market <<<
闇に葬る: yaminihoumuru: hush [smother] up (a matter) <<<
Kanji words: 暗闇 , 宵闇
Expressions: 沙汰闇の , 闇将軍 , 闇取引 , 闇ルート

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 17
translation: pupil, apple of the eye, ignorance, innocence
tou, dou
瞳: hitomi: pupil, apple of the eye
瞳を凝らす: hitomiokorasu: strain one's eyes, stare at <<<
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