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category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 16
translation: brocade
錦: nishiki: brocade (n.)
錦を織る: nishikiooru: brocade (v.) <<<
錦を飾る: nishikiokazaru: return (home) with glory [honor] <<<
Kanji words: 錦織 , 錦鯉

category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 16
translation: crucian carp
鮒: huna

category: common usage
keyword: energy
nb of strokes: 16
translation: firewood, kindling wood
薪: takigi
薪: maki
薪を集める: makioatsumeru: gather wood for fuel <<<
薪を割る: makiowaru: split [chop] the wood <<<

category: common usage
keyword: war
nb of strokes: 16
translation: plan, plot
謀る: hakaru: plan (vt.), plot
謀: hakarigoto: plan (n.), plot, stratagem
Kanji words: 陰謀 , 参謀 , 首謀者 , 無謀
Expressions: 暗殺を謀る

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 16
translation: remonstrate
諌める: isameru: remonstrate with (a person on)

category: JIS1
keyword: game
nb of strokes: 16
translation: bet, stake, risk, gamble
賭る: kakeru: bet (n.), stake, risk, gamble
賭: kake: gambling, betting
賭けをする: kakeosuru: gamble, bet, make a bet
賭けに勝つ: kakenikatsu: win a wager <<<
賭けに負ける: kakenimakeru: lose a wager <<<
賭けに凝る: kakenikoru: indulge in betting and gambling <<<
Kanji words: 賭博
Expressions: 賞金を賭ける , 生命を賭けて , パスカルの賭け
check also: 博打

category: to learn in school
keyword: transport
nb of strokes: 16
translation: pile up, heap up, collect
積む: tsumu: pile up, heap up
積もる: tsumoru: be piled, accumulate
積える: takuwaeru: store up, collect
積み上げる: tsumiageru: pile [heap] up, accumulate, stack up <<<
積み入れる: tsumiireru: ship (v.), take in, take on board <<<
積み替える: tsumikaeru: transfer, transship, reship <<<
積み重なる: tsumikasanaru: be piled up, lie in piles, accumulate <<<
積み重ねる: tsumikasaneru: place (one thing) upon (another), pile up, accumulate, heap (v.), make a heap of <<<
積み込む: tsumikomu: load (a truck), ship (a cargo), take in <<<
積み出す: tsumidasu: send off (by ship, by train), ship off <<<
積み立てる: tsumitateru: save up (money), put [lay] (money) by, deposit <<<
積み直す: tsuminaosu: reload, pile over again <<<
積み残す: tsuminokosu: leave (a thing) unloaded, shut out from shipping <<<
Kanji words: 積極 , 堆積 , 体積 , 蓄積 , 積木 , 積地 , 見積 , 面積 , 容積
Expressions: 山と積む , 雪が積もる , 貨物を積む , 修行を積む , 荷物を積む , 表面積 , 立方積 , 煉瓦を積む , トレーニングを積んだ , ベクトル積

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 16
translation: high leg dish
jou: lock (jp.)
Kanji words: 手錠
Expressions: 南京錠 , ビタミン錠
check also: , ロック

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 16
translation: hoof
蹄: hiZume: hoof, hooves (plur.)
蹄の有る: hiZumenoaru: hoofed <<<
蹄の跡: hiZumenoato: hoof tracks [prints] <<<
蹄の音: hiZumenooto: clatter of hoofs <<<
Kanji words: 口蹄疫 , 蹄鉄

category: JIS2
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 16
translation: worry, concern, suffer (ext.)
罹る: kakaru: be taken ill, suffer from, be attacked (by), come down with, catch
Expressions: 黄疸に罹った , 脚気に罹る , 霜焼に罹る , 蕁麻疹に罹る , 卒中に罹かる , 中気に罹る , 痛風に罹る , 凍傷に罹る , 麻疹に罹る , 梅毒に罹る , 病気に罹る , カリエスに罹る , ノイローゼに罹る , ペストに罹る , ペストに罹った , マラリアに罹かる , リューマチに罹かる

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