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category: JIS1
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 16
translation: dragon, hero, imperial
ryuu, ryou, rou
龍: tatsu: dragon
龍が如く: ryuugagotoku: Yakuza (Like a Dragon, a Japanese video game, 2005-2008) <<<
check also: , ドラゴン

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 16
translation: realize, yearn, aspire, admire, adore
憬る: satoru: realize, become aware of <<<
憬れる: akogareru: long for, yearn [pine] for [after], aspire to, admire, adore
Kanji words: 憧憬
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category: common usage
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 16
translation: ask, beg, request, rely
頼む: tanomu: ask, beg, request, as a favor, entreat, implore, solicit, entrust (a person) with (a matter), leave (a matter) to (a person), rely [depend, count] on [upon], engage, hire
頼み込む: tanomikomu: ask, beg, request, as a favor, entreat, implore, solicit <<<
頼み: tanomi: request, solicitation
頼みを聞く: tanomiokiku: comply with a person's request <<<
頼みに成る: tanomininaru: reliable, , dependable, trustworthy <<<
頼みにする: tanominisuru: rely [depend] upon, trust in, look to a person for help
頼みの綱: tanominotsuna: one's only hope, one's last resort <<<
頼る: tayoru: rely on
頼り: tayori: reliance, dependence
頼もしい: tanomoshii: reliable, trustworthy, promising, hopeful
頼もしく思う: tanomoshikuomou: place confidence [trust] in, expect [hope] much from <<< , 信頼
頼むに足らぬ: tanomunitaranu: not to be relied [depended] upon, unreliable, untrustworthy <<<
頼む所: tanomutokoro: one's (last) resort, one's (last) hope <<<
Kanji words: 依頼 , 信頼
Expressions: 泣いて頼む , 宜しく頼みます , 計器に頼って , 留守を頼む , タクシーを頼む

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 16
translation: sober, disillusioned
醒る: sameru: sober up, become [grow] sober, be brought to one's senses, be undeceived, be disillusioned
Kanji words: 覚醒
Expressions: 迷いが醒める , 迷いから醒める , 迷いを醒まさせる , 迷いから醒まさせる , 迷いを醒ます , 夢が醒める , 夢から醒める
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 16
translation: transfer (orig.), say, tell, reason, cause, origin, think, believe
謂う: iu: say, tell <<<
謂れ: iware: reason, cause, history, origin <<< 根拠 , 理由
謂れ無い: iwarenai: unreasonable, unjustifiable, unfounded <<<
謂れ無く: iwarenaku: without any (good) reason <<<
謂う: omou: think, believe <<<
Kanji words: 所謂

category: JIS2
keyword: fruit
nb of strokes: 16
translation: bitter orange
橙: daidai
Kanji words: 橙色
check also: , 蜜柑 , オレンジ

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 16
translation: luxuriant, thick
繁る: shigeru: grow thick, be luxuriant
Kanji words: 繁栄 , 繁殖 , 繁盛 , 頻繁

category: JIS2, only in Japanese
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 16
translation: snipe (jp.)
鴫: shigi

category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 16
translation: raw silk
縞: shiroginu
縞: shima: stripes (jp.), striped pattern
縞の: shimano: striped
Kanji words: 縞馬 , 縞瑪
Expressions: 干渉縞 , 格子縞 , 縞ズボン

category: common usage
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 16
translation: wall
壁: kabe
壁を塗る: kabeonuru: plaster a wall, paint a wall <<<
壁に絵を掛ける: kabenieokakeru: hang a picture one the wall
壁に塗り込む: kabeninurikomu: wall in
壁に耳有り: kabenimimiari: Walls have ears
壁に突き当たる: kabenitsukiataru: be deadlocked
壁: toride: fortress <<<
Kanji words: 壁紙 , 城壁 , 壁蝨 , 壁画
Expressions: 音速の壁 , 火口壁 , 関税壁 , 仕切壁 , 正面の壁 , 防護壁 , ベルリンの壁

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