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category: JIS1
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 15
translation: rice cake
餅: mochi
餅を搗く: mochiotsuku: beat steamed rice into rice cake
Kanji words: 鏡餅 , 柏餅 , 煎餅 , 餅搗 , 焼餅
Expressions: 黄粉餅 , 大福餅 , 牡丹餅

category: JIS2
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 15
translation: undress, strip, fade, discolor
tan, ton
褪ぐ: nugu: take [pull] off, undress, strip
褪せる: aseru: fade, discolor
褪せた: aseta: faded, discolored
褪せ易い: aseyasui: fading, fugitive (colors) <<<
Expressions: 色が褪せる , 青褪める , 青褪めた


category: common usage
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 15
translation: straw
稿: wara: straw
稿: shitagaki: rough draft (written on paper of straw)
Kanji words: 寄稿 , 投稿
Expressions: 未定稿

category: common usage
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 15
translation: demon, magic, charm, spell, fascination, seductive
mi, bi
魅せられる: miserareru: be delighted [charmed]
Kanji words: 魅了 , 魅力 , 魅惑
Expressions: 魔力に魅せられる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: silent, shut up
moku, boku
黙る: damaru: become silent, hold one's tongue, shut one's mouth
黙らす: damarasu: put to silence, talk down
黙れ: damare: Shut up! Silence!
黙って: damatte: silently, without a word, without leave, meekly, without a question
黙りこくる: damarikokuru: be (absolutely) mum, keep silent like a clam
黙り込む: damarikomu: fall silent, clam up <<<
Kanji words: 沈黙 , 黙殺 , 黙想 , 黙祷
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category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: mustache, beard, whiskers, barbel
髭: hige
髭を生やす: higeohayasu: grow mustache [beard] <<<
髭の有る: higenoaru: bearded, mustached, unshaven <<<
髭の無い: higenonai: beardless, clean-shaven <<<
髭を剃る: higeosoru: shave oneself [one's face] <<< , 髭剃
Kanji words: 髭剃
Expressions: 山羊髭

category: common usage
keyword: sea
nb of strokes: 15
translation: hide, conceal, lurk, dive
潜む: hisomu: hide oneself (behind, in, from, under), lie concealed, lurk, be latent
潜める: hisomeru: hide [conceal] oneself, lower [subdue] one's voice
潜る: kuguru: creep through
潜る: moguru: dive in
Kanji words: 潜航 , 潜水
Expressions: 声を潜める , 影を潜める , 地下に潜る
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category: JIS1
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 15
translation: chopstick
cho, chaku
箸: hashi
箸を付ける: hashiotsukeru: touch [eat] the dish [food] <<<
箸を付けない: hashiotsukenai: leave the food untouched <<<
箸で食べる: hashidetaberu: eat with chopsticks <<<
箸にも棒にも掛からない: hashinimobounimokakaranai: be incorrigible, be good for nothing

category: JIS1
keyword: vegetable
nb of strokes: 15
translation: waste
bu, mu
蕪れる: areru: run waste, fall [go] to ruin
蕪: kabura: turnip (jp.)
蕪: kabu

category: JIS2
keyword: musical instrument
nb of strokes: 15
translation: govern, rule, administer, flip, eliminate, reject, plectrum, pick, drumstick
hatsu, bachi
撥: bachi: plectrum, pick, drumstick
撥める: osameru: govern, rule, administer, reign over
撥ねる: haneru: flip, eliminate, reject, turn over, set aside
撥ね付ける: hanetsukeru: refuse, turn down, reject (a proposal, a request) <<<
撥ね付けられる: hanetsukerareru: meet with a (flat) refusal, get the mitten [brush-off], suffer a rebuff, get dumped <<<
Expressions: 突っ撥ねる
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