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category: common usage
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 15
translation: transparent, clear, pure
澄む: sumu: become clear
澄ます: sumasu: look serious (jp.), look prim
澄んだ: sunda: clear, lucid, transparent, limpid
澄んだ目: sundame: limpid eyes <<<
澄んだ声: sundakoe: clear voice <<<
澄んだ水: sundamizu: clear water <<<
澄み渡る: sumiwataru: clear up <<<
Expressions: 乙に澄ます , 耳を澄ます

category: common usage
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 15
translation: edge, rim, cause (bor.)
縁: huchi: edge, rim, border, limit
縁る: yoru: be based on, be due to
縁み: chinami: incidentally, by the way <<<
縁: en: relation, connection, affinity, ties, bond, marriage, fate, destiny, karma
縁が近い: engachikai: be closely related <<<
縁が深い: engahukai <<<
縁が遠い: engatooi: be distantly related <<<
縁を結ぶ: ennomusubu: form a connection (with a person) <<< , 結婚
縁を切る: ennokiru: cut connections (with), break off (from), break with (a person) <<<
縁が無い: enganai: have no relations [relationship, chance], cannot get married <<<
Kanji words: 因縁 , 縁側 , 縁起 , 縁談 , 縁結び , 額縁 , 復縁
Expressions: 親子の縁 , 眼鏡の縁 , 夫婦の縁 , 帽子の縁

category: common usage
keyword: travel , sport
nb of strokes: 15
translation: step, trample, go through, visit
踏む: humu: step [tread] on, go through, finish, value [estimate] (a thing), visit
踏まえる: humaeru: trample, consider
踏み荒す: humiarasu: trample down, ravage <<<
踏み替える: humikaeru: change step <<<
踏み固める: humikatameru: tread [stamp] down <<<
踏み切る: humikiru: step out of the ring, take off, make a bold start, take a plunge <<< , 踏切
踏み砕く: humikudaku: trample (a thing) to pieces <<<
踏み消す: humikesu: stamp [tread] out (the fire) <<<
踏み越える: humikoeru: step over (a thing) <<<
踏み込む: humikomu: step into, rush [break] into, trespass (on), make a raid (in, into) <<<
踏み倒す: humitaosu: trample down, bilk (a debt, a bill) <<<
踏み出す: humidasu: step forward, advance <<<
踏み付ける: humitsukeru: stamp down, tread on, insult <<< , 侮辱
踏み外す: humihazusu: miss one's foot, lose one's footing <<<
Kanji words: 踏切 , 踏台
Expressions: 猫踏んじゃった , 手続を踏む , 舞台を踏む , アクセルを踏む , ステップを踏む , ペダルを踏む
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 15
translation: pity, compassion, mercy
憐れむ: awaremu: pity (v.), have [take] pity [compassion] on, feel pity
憐れむ可き: awaremubeki: pitiable, despicable <<<
憐れみ: awaremi: pity (n.), compassion, mercy
憐れみを掛ける: awaremiokakeru: take pity on (a person) <<<
憐れみを請う: awaremiokou: appeal for (another's) pity, be for (another's) mercy <<<
憐れみ深い: awaremibukai: compassionate, sympathetic <<<
憐しむ: itsukushimu: love, be affectionate to, treat tenderly
Kanji words: 可憐
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category: common usage
keyword: footwear
nb of strokes: 15
translation: shoes, put on, trample, walk
履: kutsu: shoes
履む: humu: trample, walk
履く: haku: put on <<< 穿
Kanji words: 草履 , 履物 , 履歴
Expressions: 靴を履く , 靴下を履く , 下駄を履く , 下駄履きで , 草履を履く , 足袋を履く , 長靴を履く , 長靴を履いた , 履物を履く , 部屋履き , スキーを履く , スリッパを履く

category: JIS2
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: wrinkles, lines, furrows, creases, rumples, folds
suu, shou
皺: shiwa
皺にする: shiwanisuru: crinkle, wrinkle (up), fold
皺が寄る: shiwagayoru: become wrinkled [creased, crumpled] <<<
皺の寄った顔: shiwanoyottakao: wrinkled face
皺に成る: shiwaninaru: crease, be crumpled, pucker <<<
皺に成らない: shiwaninaranai: be crease-free <<<
皺を伸ばす: shiwaonobasu: smooth (out) creases, press out the wrinkles, iron out <<<
皺くちゃの: shiwakuchano: wrinkled, crumpled, rumpled, withered
皺くちゃにする: shiwakuchanisuru: rumples, crumple (up), wrinkle, crease
皺くちゃ婆: shiwakuchababaa: wizened old woman <<<
Expressions: 縮緬皺

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 15
translation: blame, censure, slander, abuse, libel
誹る: soshiru: blame (v.), censure, speak ill of, slander, abuse, libel, cast a stigma (on)
誹り: soshiri: blame (n.), censure, slander, abuse, libel
誹りを招く: soshiriomaneku: give cause for blame <<<
check also: 非難

category: JIS1
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 15
translation: conduct pipe, conduit, gutter, rain pipe
樋: toi
樋: hi

category: JIS1
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 15
translation: rice cake
餅: mochi
餅を搗く: mochiotsuku: beat steamed rice into rice cake
Kanji words: 柏餅 , 煎餅 , 焼餅
Expressions: 黄粉餅 , 大福餅 , 牡丹餅

category: common usage
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 15
translation: demon, magic, charm, spell, fascination, seductive
mi, bi
魅せられる: miserareru: be delighted [charmed]
Kanji words: 魅力 , 魅惑
Expressions: 魔力に魅せられる

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