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category: JIS1
keyword: sex
nb of strokes: 11
translation: immerse, flirt (ext.), obscene
淫: hitasu: immerse <<<
淫れる: midareru: be demoralized, be lax (in morals) <<<
淫ら: midara: obscenity, lewdness
淫らな: midarana: indecent, obscene, lewd
淫: hoshiimama: at will [pleasure], as one likes
Kanji words: 淫乱

category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 11
translation: lie (n.), imitation, false
gi, ka
偽り: itsuwari: lie (n.), falsehood
偽りの: itsuwarino: false, untrue, deceitful
偽りを言う: itsuwarioiu: tell a lie <<<
偽る: itsuwaru: tell a lie, falsify, deceive, cheat, pretend, feign
偽って: itsuwatte: by deceit [fraud]
偽: nise: imitation, copy <<<
Kanji words: 偽善 , 偽装 , 偽造 , 偽札 , 偽物 , 偽者
Expressions: 国籍を偽る , 住所を偽る , 姓名を偽る , 偽ティファニー

category: common usage
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 11
translation: rude, coarse, rough
粗: ara: refuse [bony parts] of a fish, offal, defect, fault, flaw <<< 欠点
粗の無い: aranonai: flawless, perfect <<< , 完璧
粗を捜す: araosagasu: find fault with <<<
粗捜し: arasagashi: faultfinding <<<
粗い: arai: coarse, rough, raw
粗く: araku: coarsely, roughly, loosely
粗: hobo: almost, nearly, about, for the most part, roughly <<<
Kanji words: 粗雑
Expressions: 目の粗い
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category: to learn in school
keyword: china
nb of strokes: 11
translation: pure, clean, neat, Qing Dynasty (a Manchu dynasty in China, 1644 AD-1912 AD)
sei, shou, shin
清い: kiyoi: pure, clean
清らかな: kiyorakana
清い水: kiyoimizu: pure water <<<
清い心: kiyoikokoro: pure heart <<<
清める: kiyomeru: purify, clean (v.)
清まる: kiyomaru: become pure, become clean
Kanji words: 清水 , 清潔 , 清算 , 清純 , 清浄 , 清楚 , 清掃

category: to learn in school
keyword: mechanics
nb of strokes: 11
translation: stretch, extend, spread
張る: haru: stretch, extend, spread, full, string, stick out, throw out (one's chest), square, slap, give a slap, be expensive, be dear
張り: hari: tension, unit to count sheets of paper
張り上げる: hariageru: raise [lift up] (one's voice) <<<
張り切る: harikiru: be in high spirits, be full of pep, be enthusiastic [zealous] <<<
張り込む: harikomu: treat oneself [a person] to (a thing), go to the expense of, keep watch (for), be on the lookout (for) <<<
張り裂ける: harisakeru: split [burst] open, rend <<<
張り出す: haridasu: project (v.), jut [stand] out, overhang <<<
張り倒す: haritaosu: knock [strike] (a person) down, slap [a person in the face], punch (a person's head) <<<
張: ami: net <<<
Kanji words: 拡張 , 頑張 , 緊張 , 主張 , 出張 , 張力 , 縄張り , 膨張 , 矢張 , 欲張
Expressions: 山を張る , 氷の張った , 肘を張る , 板を張る , 店を張る , 根を張る , 値の張る , 値の張らない , 袋を張る , 幕を張る , 腹が張る , 網を張る , 綱を張る , 縄を張る , 頬張る , 意地っ張りの , 意地を張る , 煙幕を張る , 儀式張る , 儀式張った , 儀式張らぬ , 儀式張らずに , 見識張る , 強情を張る , 四角張る , 祝宴を張る , 勢力を張る , 天井を張る , 値段が張る , 張本人 , アンテナを張る , シールを張る , タイル張り , タイルを張る , テントを張る , ネットを張る , ブリキ張り , ポスターを張る
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category: to learn in school
keyword: bird , animal
nb of strokes: 11
translation: nest, beehive, cobweb, lair
巣: su: nest (n.), beehive, cobweb, lair
巣う: sukuu: nest (v.)
巣を作る: suotsukuru: build a nest <<<
巣に着く: sunitsuku: sit (on eggs), brood <<<
巣を掛ける: suokakeru: weave [spin] a web <<<
Kanji words: 懸巣 , 卵巣
Expressions: 鳥の巣 , 蜂の巣 , 燕の巣 , 鷲の巣 , 蜘蛛の巣 , 白蟻の巣 , 蜜蜂の巣

category: to learn in school
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 11
translation: meaning, reason, cause, ground, translate
yaku, eki
訳: wake: meaning, reason, cause, ground <<< 理由
訳も無く: wakemonaku: without reason <<<
訳が有って: wakegaatte: for a certain reason <<<
訳を尋ねる: wakeotazuneru: ask [inquire into] the reason [cause] <<<
訳の無い: wakenonai: easy, simple <<< , 簡単
訳の分らない: wakenowakaranai: absurd., incomprehensible <<<
訳す: yakusu: translate
Kanji words: 言訳 , 対訳 , 通訳 , 翻訳 , 申訳 , 訳者 , 和訳
Expressions: 英語に訳す , 点字に訳す

category: JIS1
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 11
translation: cape, point, mountain edge
埼: saki
Kanji words: 埼玉
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category: JIS1
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 11
translation: anxious, worried, concerned, lament, mourn, relative (bor.)
戚: miuchi: one's relatives
戚える: ureeru: be anxious [worried] (about, over), be concerned (about, for, over), be afraid of, fear <<<
戚む: itamu: lament, mourn (over), condole (with) <<<
Kanji words: 親戚

category: JIS2
keyword: beauty
nb of strokes: 11
translation: comb
梳る: kushikezuru: comb (one's hair)
梳く: suku
梳かす: tokasu
Expressions: 髪を梳く , 髪を梳かす , 櫛で梳く
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