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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: I, me, my
俺: ware: I , me
俺: ore: I (for a man), me
俺の: oreno: my
俺に: oreni: me, to me
俺は: orewa: I am
Expressions: 俺の親父
synonyms: , ,

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: peel, strip, skin, flay pare, bark, husk, rend, split, tear, sever
剥ぐ: hagu: peel (vt.), strip, skin, flay
剥げる: hageru: come [be, fall, peel] off, discolor, fade
剥げた: hageta: discolored, faded
剥げない色: hagenaiiro: fast color, unfading color <<<
剥く: muku: skin (vt.); strip off, pare, peel, bark, husk
剥く: saku: rend, split, tear, sever
Kanji words: 剥製
Expressions: 牙を剥く , 莢を剥く , 牡蠣を剥く , 仮面を剥ぐ , 鍍金が剥げる , ペンキが剥げる , ポスターを剥がす

category: JIS2
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 10
translation: lick (from gesture of animals to their kids), lap, suck, taste, cuddle
shi, ji
舐める: nameru: lick, lap, suck, taste

category: common usage
other spells:
keyword: sea , geography
nb of strokes: 10
translation: beach, shore, cost
浜: hama: beach
浜: kishi: shore, cost <<<
Kanji words: 浜辺 , 浜松 , 横浜
synonyms: , ビーチ

category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 10
translation: sleeve
袖: sode: sleeve, wing (jp.)
袖の有る: sodenoaru: sleeved <<<
袖の無い: sodenonai: sleeveless <<<
袖に縋る: sodenisugaru: cling to a person's sleeve, appeal to (a person) for mercy <<<
袖を引く: sodeohiku: pull (a person) by the sleeve, solicit <<<
袖を捲る: sedeomakuru: roll [tuck] up one's sleeve <<<
袖にする: sodenisuru: jilt, give the cold shoulder (to)
袖を濡らす: sodeonurasu: weep (secretly) <<< ,
Kanji words: 袖口 , 袖丈 , 長袖 , 半袖 , 振袖

category: common usage
keyword: psychology
nb of strokes: 10
translation: suffer, afflict, torment, harass, plague, worry, trouble, annoy
悩む: nayamu: suffer (from), be afflicted [distressed, troubled] (with), worry oneself (about), feel annoyed (at)
悩ます: nayamasu: afflict, torment, harass, plague, worry, trouble, annoy
悩まされる: nayamasareru: be afflicted (with), suffer (from)
悩み: nayami: suffering, affliction, trouble, worries, distress, agony, anguish, pain
悩みが有る: nayamigaaru: be in trouble [distress, pain], have worries <<<
悩みの種: nayaminotane: source of trouble <<<
Kanji words: 煩悩
Expressions: 伸び悩む , 恋に悩む , 失恋の悩み , 煩悩に悩まされる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: humiliate, submit
joku, niku
辱める: hazukashimeru: humiliate, shame (v.), disgrace, insult
辱め: hazukashime: humiliation, shame (n.), disgrace, insult
辱い: katajikenai: accept with humility
Kanji words: 屈辱 , 雪辱 , 侮辱

category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 10
translation: search, seek
捜す: sagasu: look for, seek [search] (for), look up, feel for
Kanji words: 捜査 , 捜索 , 宝捜し
Expressions: 粗を捜す , 粗捜し , 欠点を捜す , 仕事を捜す , 地図で捜す , 犯人を捜す , 行方を捜す
synonyms: , サーチ

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: shake, brandish, prosper (ext.), flourish
振う: huruu: shake, brandish, exercise, wield, use, be spirited, prosper, flourish <<<
振る: huru: shake, distribute (jp.)
振り: huri: manner (jp.), look
振り上げる: huriageru: fling [swing, lift] up, raise overhead <<<
振り落とす: huriotosu: shake off, throw off <<<
振り返る: hurikaeru: turn around, turn one's head, look back <<<
振り翳す: hurikazasu: hold aloft, brandish <<<
振り捨てる: hurisuteru: shake off, abandon, desert, forsake <<<
振り払う: huriharau: shake off, push away, tear oneself away (from) <<<
振り撒く: hurimaku: scatter, sprinkle, strew <<<
振り回す: hurimawasu: brandish, wave, wield, flourish, show off, abuse <<<
振り乱す: hurimidasu: shake one's hair loose <<<
振り向ける: hurimukeru: turn (vt.), direct (to), apply a thing to, appropriate <<<
振り向く: hurimuku: turn one's face [head], turn round [toward], look back <<<
Kanji words: 振興 , 振動 , 久し振り , 不振 , 振替 , 振掛 , 振込 , 振袖 , 振出 , 振付 , 身振り
Expressions: 力を振る , 尾を振る , 首を振る , 棒に振る , 勢いを振るう , 頭を振る , 賽を振る , 鞭を振る , 大手を振って , 仮名を振る , 振り仮名 , 学者振る , 学者振った , 賽子を振る , 尻尾を振る , 信心振る , 上品振る , 成績が振るわない , 体裁振る , 鉄拳を振う , 殿様振る , 暴力を振るう

category: common usage
keyword: road
nb of strokes: 10
translation: walk (org.), way, path, road, street
to, zu
途: michi: way, path, road, street
途んでもない: tondemonai: outrageous, fantastic, terrible, ridiculous, No kidding! No way! Anything but! Far from it! Not bloody likely
Kanji words: 一途 , 中途 , 途端 , 途中 , 冥途
Expressions: 帰宅の途につく

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